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Review of She Reads Truth

by wildnorthernbeauty

“Just don’t talk about religion.” 

-My Grandma

A (Kind of) Disclaimer

I grew up in a family that doesn’t believe in talking about politics or religion at the dinner table. Or in public. Or anywhere outside of your religious place of worship. Writing this post forced me to push out the looming fear of “What will people think about me?” and into the waters of “This is me.” My road to recovery from my eating disorder has been emotionally-tolling. I’ve been focusing on tearing down the walls I’ve built, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and seeking the truth of who God is. When people are taken out of the picture, like in relationships, you’re forced to be with yourself. One of my biggest fears in life is of eating alone. I need to have a distraction: a crummy TV show, a Youtube video droning on about sustainability, or a book with gorgeous photos in front of my face. I like distractions.

I have been soul-searching for the past two months of my recovery and wanted to share a piece of that journey. I get it: not everyone wants to hear about religion and some people downright reject it. The beauty of religion is that we all have free will to believe what we want. You can exit this screen and never come back to my blog because you have the free will to do so. Religion is believing in an overruling divine power that you faithfully follow or worship. Religion is not forcing your beliefs on others and demanding that they share the same sentiments. It is believing in those thoughts, yourself, regardless of what others may think, feel, or do. 

This isn’t a who-is-right who-is-wrong conversation. I’m just simply sharing what has been helping me heal. There will be Christians who disagree with what I say or how I live my life. And that’s okay. We can choose what we want to believe in and who we associate with. If you only want friends that share your mindset, great! If you would like to have more diversity in your friend pool, great! My point is this: you are free to pick and choose who you spend your time with. 

Just be respectful of differences.

I'm not "Religious"

I choose to have a relationship with God and believe that Jesus is my savior. When people ask if I’m religious, I tell them that I have a relationship with the Lord. To people outside of my church, this usually results in raised eyebrows. Like, “What is this girl going on about?” I explain that I believe it is a relationship – where communication, trust, and honesty come into play. I don’t want a book of rules thrown in my face that don’t have meaning. I want to have a relationship with a God who loves me and doesn’t ask for me to be perfect.

Now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way, my guilty pleasure is purchasing graphically-enticing, content-rich bible studies from the website She Reads Truth.

Chicken, Pasta, & Fellowship

It was a Saturday night in February when my mentor invited me over for dinner. “We’re having chicken with pasta! Come on over!” She didn’t need to twist my arm; I very much enjoy our evenings of fellowship and sharing what’s happening in our lives. Her daughter, another one of my dear friends, said, “Hey. I have something to show you that I know you’re going to love.” She brought down the most gorgeous bible study books I’ve ever seen. I kid you not: the book covers are riveting, delicate, and rich. The first one I picked up was Because He Lives, An Easter Study. Wow. The rose gold foiling on the cover and the weighted paper had a luxurious feel underneath my fingertips. I began to flip through the pages and was pleasantly surprised to see a collection of various scripture passages for daily reading, spaces for journaling, visuals and diagrams, patterns and florals, and recipes! She let me flip through the 5-6 other studies she had been working through and I was equally impressed by She Reads Truth’s consistency.

One week later, I dropped the order in my basket.

Because He Lives:
An Easter Study

This study was fruitful. It was an essential study for me to do because it tied together the pieces of God foreshadowing the coming of Jesus in the Old Testament to Jesus’ birth through death in the New Testament. When I did this study, I kept my bible open and the MacCarther commentary next to me. I dissected each verse, making sure that I understood the meaning to the best of my ability. Day one and I knew I wasn’t going to miss a day or put this book down. Around the time I started this study, I was changing up my routine; waking up at 5:30am to practice for when I would go to my 8:00am job. I chose 5:30am because I wanted approximately one hour to be able to sit down and do my study. I like schedules. I like routines. I wanted bible study to be a part of my routine that I don’t compromise on; waking up earlier seemed to be the solution (at least for me, I’m a morning person). Doing a bible study first-thing in the morning changed my entire mood and set me up for the day.

Future Studies: 1 & 2 Corinthians: The Body of Christ and Lent 2018


The selected scriptures pack a powerful punch. I like the openness in the layouts – plenty of room for journaling. Scripture memory cards can be found in the back of each book that correspond with the weekly truths. They are nice reminders to display on your nightstand, desk, or carry in your wallet. Another neat thing is the company features different artists in each books.

Additional Goodies:

She Reads Truth has an app. You can access the store and order from the app. They have daily community readings, plans for purchase, areas for notes or highlights, and most exciting: gorgeous lock screens. Check it out!

I don’t use the lock screens, but I download the photos and share them with friends. Elegant visuals with fantastic pieces of scripture! Sometimes I need a quick pick-me-up and I’ll open the folder of saved lock screens. I’ve added several above and below this section to highlight a few of my favorites. I may print and frame the photos down the road! *All lock screens are from the She Reads Truth app.

I love She Reads Truth. The books are an investment, but they are 100% worth it. 

Will certainly be purchasing more study books in the future! As well as artwork for friends and family.

Take care,


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