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Becca’s Be a Light Palette

by wildnorthernbeauty

March: an unpredictable month. Is it going to snow? Is it going to rain? One day it is a high of 12 degrees F, the next day a bright 57 degrees F…

The wintery months tend to suck the life out of my skin, leaving it dull, dry, tight, and flaky. I look sick 99% of the time… so I tried to shuffle up my skincare routine last month. And then I shuffled up my makeup routine. So here we are.

This is Becca’s Be a Light palette in light/medium. I am SO obsessed with the packaging!


This palette was on sale in Ulta and my friend (a makeup artist / Ulta employee) told me that I needed it. She didn’t need to twist my arm – the swatch was beautiful.

I have used Becca highlighters and bronzers before. Therefore I had a general idea of what the formula would feel like and how it would perform. My only hesitation stemmed from past experiences with bronzers of looking orange. The blush also looked too shimmery to be wearable. 

It is a shimmery palette, but not particularly overpowering. The blush is a soft, baby pink and very buildable. The soft pearl brightening powder makes for an excellent highlight. The contour was a little too dark for me, so I did use it very sparingly. As for the blur powder – I’m not quite sure yet! I have been wearing this with a hydrating foundation. 

The light/medium palette features: a brighten powder (soft pearl), a blush (light pink), a contour (flattering beige), and a blur powder (neutral tan). 

Product Feature

Be a Light palette

How long I've been using it...

3 months


– Buildable

– Natural-looking glow

– Sturdy packaging and pan size


– A light hand is required when picking up product

– Only two shade options available for this palette

– Lightly pigmented

I wore this palette in my previous post. 

I like this palette, but I do not think that it is for everyone. There definitely are not enough shade options. If you have oily skin, this palette might not be for you. 

Retail: Was $46.00, now $29.00

Take care, 


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