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by wildnorthernbeauty

Hi! Welcome to Wild Northern Beauty.

I’m Alexi, a book nerd, interior designer, outdoor enthusiast, and blogger from the city of bridges: beautiful Pittsburgh. 

Wild Northern Beauty is my outlet to play, experiment, create, and dream. It is a space for personal growth and reflection. I love all things beauty, food, lifestyle, interiors, and travel.

To sum up my style: low maintenance, functional, practical, and slightly rugged. I have a soft spot for heavy flannels and combat boots. 

All of my opinions are my own.

Wild Northern Beauty Established in 2018.

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What is your job?

              I work behind a desk in corporate America.

What did you study?

I received my Bachelors of Interior Architecture in 2015 and my Pennsylvania cosmetology license in 2018. 

How tall are you?

              I am 5’3”.

What camera do you use?

              I shoot with a Canon 80D and/or my Samsung Galaxy S7.

What is your theme?


              Soledad by PenciDesign.

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