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A Late Thank-You to Davines

by wildnorthernbeauty

A big ol' box of surprises!

In November 2018, I won the Davines Harvest Beauty competition (here was my submission) and traveled to New York City in January to have my hair done at their flagship salon, ION Studio NYC. The trip was amazing! 

Not only was Davines a gracious host, but they wouldn’t let me leave their headquarters without restocking my favorite products. They filled goody bags while I rambled off the things I liked the most: nounou conditioner, texture spray, and the naturaltech shampoos. They asked if I had tried any of Davines’ skincare – to which I answered, “You have skincare?!” Oh my gosh. In true Davines style, the skincare was plant-based with STUNNING packaging. They introduced me to one of their North American skincare specialists who kindly walked me through the different lines. She asked me questions about my skincare routine, trouble areas, and what types of products I gravitate towards. I was completely blown away.

Davines gifted all the products listed below. They have made me a life-long customer!

I wrote a post about certified b-corporations (read here) where I talk about the ethical standards and business transparency required to earn b-corp status. Davines is certified b-corp; one of the main reasons I’ll never let go of them. Their products DO make a difference in my life, particularly the essential oils in their formulations that help calm my anxiety whilst making my hair feeling awesome. 

*Again, all products were gifted to me.

The skincare packaging is sleek and minimal AND I LOVE IT.


NouNou Conditioner is the only conditioner to-date that I can say, without hesitation, works. It has a thick consistency and is amazing at repairing dry, damaged hair (particularly from the lightening process). I’ve been using this for years and have noticed a big difference. Also – it doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy or greasy. And it smells like a dream. 

NouNou Mask has been in my routine for only a few months. It is a much thicker, richer formulation than the nounou conditioner. I rarely reach for the mask due to the busyness of life, but now I find myself making it a priority to incorporate at least one deep conditioning treatment into my routine per week. This is the mask I reach for. And whether you’ve been a blonde for a short period of time or for your entire life, the nounou mask is your nourishing best friend.

This is a Dry Texturizer Spray is similar to a beachy, sea salt spray – just in aerosol form. This spray is fantastic for adding texture to your look. I love using it to break up some of beach waves because it is light and doesn’t get crunchy. However, I do caution against using it every day as any sort of texturizing/salt spray is drying for hair.  

New Products I'm Excited to Try

The Renaissance Circle Hair Mask: Packed with protein to repair extremely damaged or brittle hair. View here

The Let it Go Circle Hair Mask: Hydrating and relaxing for dry, thirsty hair. Find it here

The Purity Circle Hair Mask: Fights to unravel the damage caused by pollution. Read about it here

This is a Medium Hairspray: Medium-hold for long lasting styles. Find it here

NaturalTech Energizing Shampoo: Stimulates new hair growth and strengthens breakage-prone hair. See here

Davines Skincare

My skin challenges: enlarged pores, hormonal acne, dry patches, and noticeable acne scars on my skin texture. 

Products I was matched with: 

Skin Regimen Lift Eye Cream

Skin Regimen Tripeptide Cream 

Skin Regimen Cleansing Cream

Skin Regimen 1.0 Tea Tree Booster





I haven’t used ANY of my skincare products yet. I’ve been trying to use up the tubes, bottles, and tubs that are currently cluttering my bathroom sink. Hopefully I can break into the skin regimen by summer!


One other thing – if you love scrolling on Pinterest, I highly recommend searching “sustainable beauty”. 

You can re-purpose the containers as little pots for succulents. It’s pretty cool. 

Thanks for reading!


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